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Roger Mellie The Man On The TellyYou've seen him swear in Viz magazine, now see him swear on your TV screen, as Roger Mellie The Man On The Telly, at last makes his spectacular DVD debut. And what a debut it is, as the star of Fulchester television brings shows such as 'Blinkety Blank', 'The Crook Report', 'The Antiques Roadshow' and 'Blue Rodger', in a series of short episodes based on his popular comic strip. Like any true professional, Roger is always critical of his own work it's a pile of crap, he told us. But I hope the punters buy it anyway, 'cos I need the money. Billy The Fish The Fantastic Career Of The Footballing FishBorn half-man, half-fish, young Billy Thomson's dream was to play in goal for Fulchester United. And that dream came true, in the pages of Viz magazine. Like other sports stars before him, Billy has gone on to make the transition to TV celebrity, and the highlights of his illustrious career are captured here, for the prosperity, on this DVD. It's a football fan's 'catch' of the day, an action packed account of the adventures of everybody's favourite footballing fish.

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